Right up the Rocketman’s alley…

Rocketman entertained Rocket Enthusiast at the 2006 Wirefly, X-Prize Cup.

After performed three flights The Rocketman spent the day signing autographs, taking pictures, giving interviews and meeting other great rocket men such as Buzz Aldrin.

I may not have heard every word Ansari was saying, because my ears were still ringing from the Rocketman’s jet-pack flight – a quick round-the-runway spin with lots of sound and fury, using a 165-pound rocket engine that’s strapped to the back.

Dan Schlund, the man wearing the rocket, rose perhaps 30 feet (9 meters) in the air. Afterward, he described the ride as “squirrely” at times.

“It’s like standing on a basketball with two firehoses and trying to keep your balance,” he said.

Most of the action happens hundreds or even thousands of feet away from the crowd. (OK, Rocketman was an exception.)

_Alan Boyle – MSMBC