Rocket Belt


Our highly skilled pilot can maneuver forward, backward, sideways, up and down. And like a hummingbird suspended in midair. The highly trained pilot uses his right hand to control thrust, his left hand to adjust yaw and a downward or upward  motion to move forward and back.  The combined movement of each allows the pilot to fly himself precisely where he wants to go.

Obstacles and Structures

  • We can fly over most Land, Water and Structures.
  • We have flown up to, down from, or from structure to structure.
  • We are capable of flying indoors and in close proximity to the public.

Flight Distance and Path

  • The pilot can fly up to 800 feet or more in distance.
  • Flight path is determined at the time of booking to assure uniqueness of each event.

Flight Height

  • Approximately 80 feet depending on the needs of the client. However, we have flown inside as low as 20 feet and as high as our world record flight of 152 feet. With time to spare…

Flight Speed

  • Speeds range from hover to “Rocket Speed”.
  • However, most performances feature the maneuverability of the Rocketbelt with a display of sweeping turns, pirouette, hovering and speeds up to 35 mph.

Flight Time

  • The Rocketbelt carries 30 seconds of propellant. A 30% increase in flight time from the 1950’s Bell model.
  • Flight duration is typically 24-27 seconds but always at the discretion of the Pilot.
  • Performances can be lengthened to include the Flight Preparation/Strap in Procedures and Rocketbelt introduction narrated by the Pilot prior to lift off.

Other Specifications

  • Power: 800 Horse power
  • Propellant: Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Weight: 160 lbs