RocketBelt Facts


There are two basic colors. Red and Blue, each are customizable to unique situations such as:

Logos and Branding
Attachments such as flags and cameras
Characters and Special Costumes
Doubling a VIP, CEO or Celebrity
Even Pyrotechnics
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Rocketbelt Facts

The Rocketbelt rides on a bed of superheated steam.
No special permits required to operate.
There are no flames or explosive fuel.
Our Pilots can land within inches of a target.
Lift off can be cued to the second
We can fly in most wind and rain.
The Rocketbelt is highly maneuverable, consistent and loud!

The first Rocketbelt was
built by Bell Aerospace in
the 1950’s for the US Army

Most Reliable
The Powerhouse built Rocketbelt is documented to be the longest flying and most consistent Rocketbelt ever designed.
Field Tested
With literally thousands of flights and no show failures, you can trust the Rocketman to deliver on time – every time!

Raw Performance
To date no company or individual has ever been able to duplicate the consistency or raw power of the Powerhouse Rocketbelts.